At Bayou City Steel we focus on relationships, communication, accuracy and efficiency.  Our goal each day is to exceed your expectations every day.

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Our Process

Streamed lined for efficiency, accuracy and congruency

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A note from Ryan

Bayou City Steel, LLC was founded in April of 2017 with the intention of becoming the premier name in reinforcing detailing and project management.  We are a company based on faith, truth and integrity and strive to exceed your expectations every day.  With the extensive knowledge we have on staff we can handle any job you have and you can be rest assured that it’s in good hands.  We believe communication is the key aspect in any job, not only to deliver and receive information, but to build relationships.  Our customers aren’t just customers, they’re partners, they’re family.

Let us be your partner and help you increase capacity, increase the productivity of those currently on staff by spreading the workload and increasing your bottom line.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you.


Best regards,


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